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Directory Services

miniOrange Directory Services supports authentication via any external directory like Active Directory, LDAP, AWS Cognito or any HR Portal and you don't need to migrate your users in miniorange


Single Sign On For Directory Authenticated Apps

Seamlessly SSO into all your directory authenticated apps without the need to re-enter the credentials in each app

Just In Time User Provisioning

User gets created automatically in miniOrange directory during authentication

Auto-assign Groups

Automatically assign groups to users based on their profile attribute values

Self Service Password Reset

When a user changes their password using miniOrange IdP, the password change gets synchronized with the Active Directory

Real-time Provisioning

User provisioning and deprovisioning can be done in real-time and the changes are directly reflected in the external directories

Integrated Windows Single Sign-On (IWA)

miniOrange IWA solution lets you Single Sign On into connected applications on Windows, given the applications are configured within the domain for SSO

We can connect with any External Directory

miniOrange provides user authentication from external directories like Microsoft Active Directory, Azure AD, OpenLDAP, Crowd, Google, AWS Cognito. User gets created automatically in miniOrange directory services during authentication. Groups are assigned to users based on their profile attribute values. Users can be imported at specified intervals of time using the Scheduled Sync feature.

directory services AD/LDAP as external directory

Microsoft Active Directory

directory services google as external directory

Azure AD

directory services aws cognito as external directory


directory services google as external directory


directory services google as external directory


directory services aws cognito as external directory

AWS Cognito


Easy Management

Using the miniOrange platform, the admin can add multiple Active directories and use them as a user store preventing need to manage directories in separate places

Centralized App Management

Administrators can automatically provision and administrate multiple application accounts from one centralized system

Enhanced Security

Improve security by assigning different permissions level on role based with automatic provisioning within apps

Faster Deployment

Each organization has a single domain on which shared account database solutions have to be deployed only once. This makes company-wide deployment faster.

Directory Integration

miniOrange provides user authentication from external directories like Active Directory, LDAP, OpenDS etc. We have simple and easy directory integration solutions for both cloud and on-premise applications. This on-demand integration service allows user authentication, user provisioning, de-provisioning and reporting of usages of application. An important part of this service is miniOrange's directory integration is easy to set up. In addition to this, miniOrange supports thousands of applications and provides a SSO mechanism for the users present in the integrated directory.

Active Directory Flow

active directory flow diagram

Active Directory Workflow:

1. User sends the request to access the resource from application.

2. The Application sends an authentication request to miniOrange.

3. The miniOrange forwards the authentication request to Active Directory via miniOrange Gateway.

4. Active Directory sends the response to application through miniOrange. This response contains the user’s information as well as the authentication status, based on     which the user is given access to the resource.

5. Upon successful authentication, the user is given access to the resource.

Pre-Configured Directories

Allow your users to authenticate against various LDAP implementations like Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP, and other directory systems and provide a login to any of your applications using credentials stored in your LDAP Server.

directory services AD/LDAP pre-configured directory

Connect with your AWS Cognito User Pool and Identity pool to provide authentication, authorization and user management for your web and mobile applications.

directory services AWS Cognito pre-configured directory

Configure your ConnectWise CRM with miniOrange users to Single Sign On into your web and mobile applications.

directory services ConnectWise pre-configured directory

Connect your existing My SQL, Microsoft SQL, Postgres SQL and other databases with miniOrange and allow your users to perform Single Sign-On without moving into miniOrange.

directory services Database pre-configured directory

Authenticate with any HRM Portal or any application which support authentication via APIs.

directory services API pre-configured directory

Provide user authentication and authorization by using RADIUS which verifies user's information (like username and password) by using various authentication schemes like PAP, CHAP, MS-CHAP, MS-CHAPv2 etc. and allows the request to access the system or service.

directory services Radius pre-configured directory

miniOrange Identity Server will act as an Identity Provider that connects multiple service providers with existing user stores for authentication. If you want to connect with any other third party database/directory contact us for integration.

directory services miniOrange pre-configured directory

To connect your application with Active directory, you need to perform these steps:

1. Connect your Active Directory to miniOrange.

2. Connect miniOrange to your application using miniOrange Broker Service.

1. How to connect an Active Directory to your application using miniOrange ?

2. How to connect miniorange to your application using miniOrange broker service.

Step 1: Configure Single Sign On Settings in miniOrange

Step 2: Configure G-Suite Settings for miniOrange

Step 3: Verify your SSO Settings

For Further Details Refer:

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We offer Security Solutions of Single Sign-On, Two Factor Authentication, Fraud Prevention and much more.

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