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User Provisioning

miniOrange User Provisioning streamlines management and automation of your external and internal users across applications.

What is User Provisioning and Deprovisioning ?
User provisioning is the management and the maintenance of the users to access the resources available in one or more systems. Provisioning includes creation, updation, deletion of the user accounts and synchronization of the attributes on services such as Google, AWS and ADFS or applications such as Confluence, Discord, JIRA, SiteFinity, WordPress etc. Deprovisioning is removing the access of the users from all the resources from all the services such as Active Directory, Google, AWS or from different applications.

miniOrange user provisioning allows you to update the user information in your integrated directory or applications when you perform creation, updation or deletion in your miniOrange service. miniOrange provides automatic deprovisioning of the user accounts when the user leaves the team or organization. This will save time and ensures that your users' access privileges are up to date. User provisioning and Deprovisioning makes life easier for admins because they do not have to manually arrange access for each user.


Real-Time Provisioning

It means that disabling a user in any application will directly target miniOrange within a second.

Scheduled Provisioning

You can import users from directory to miniOrange at regular intervals on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.

Import Users

You can import users in a bulk amount from several applications/directory.

Automatic Deprovisioning

It automatically deactivates user accounts in the systems when user leaves the team or organization.

User Management

Accommodates the full user lifecycle by creating, updating, removing user data in connected application.

Reduce Human Involvement

Changes in Active Directory are automatically synchronized to downstream applications within a seconds.


Enhance Security

Improve security by assigning different permissions level on role based with automatic provisioning within apps.

Reduce Cost

Reduces the cost of identity access management operations by automating onboarding and offboarding processes.

Increase Efficiency

Provide employees, contractors and partners with access to the applications they need when they need it.

Reduce Complexity

Administrators can automatically provision and administer multiple application accounts from one centralized system.

miniOrange provides User Provisioning which automatically updates user information in your integrated directory when you manage user information like CREATING, DELETING or UPDATING user accounts in your miniOrange service.

user provisioning

Pre-Integrated Apps for Provisioning

Active Directory (AD) Provisioning

Active Directory (AD) provisioning can help manage resources between your cloud (applications) and on-premises systems(Active Directory and applications). This helps enterprises to have a simplified user management and have users gain access to the applications and systems in a simple and intuitive manner. Active Directory allows administrators to assign employees and users the appropriate access levels to company resources as per their department( HR, Finance, IT, Operation, Marketing etc).

user provisioning multiple app integration

Steps to setup User Provisioning

Here are the steps to turn on user provisioning in our IDP. As an example, we will be setting up Active Directory (AD) for user provisioning. At the end of this setup guide, we will have configured Active Directory for user provisioning. The admin will be able to perform operations like import, create, delete, update, change password from miniOrange console and these changes will be reflected in the Active Directory.

To configure user provisioning feature refer to the steps given below:

  • Login to the miniOrange Admin Console as a customer.
  • Go to the User Stores, Click on Add Users Store.
  • Configure ldap as a User Store to set up user provisioning with AD/LDAP. You can choose any of the user store mentioned there.
    • Store LDAP Configuration in miniOrange: Keep configuration in miniOrange. Make sure to open the firewall to allow incoming requests to your LDAP.
    • Store LDAP Configuration On-Premise: Keep configuration in your premise and only allow access to LDAP inside premises. You will have to download and install miniOrange gateway in your premise.
    configure ldap for AD provisioning

  • Go to the User Store and search for your User Store. Click on the Import Users in Action menu against your user store.
  • import users for active directory provisioning

  • It will redirect you to User Provisioning settings.
  • settings for user provisioning

  • Select the Active Directory from the drop down menu.
  • Check the provisioning features.
  • Enter the user Unique identifier like email, cn, sAMAccountName etc.
  • Click on the Save Button to save the configuration and you will see the successful message on the top.

  • save configuration fro AD Provisioning

  • To import the users from Active Directory, go to the User Provisioning, Click on the Import Users button.
  • Select the Active Directory from the drop down menu and save the configuration.

  • configuration for active directory provisioning.

  • Now go to the Users >> User List and you will find the all the users imported from Active Directory.

  • user list from Active Directory provisioning

  • To create a user in miniOrange, Go to Users >> User List >> click on the Add User button. Fill out user basic information and click on Create User button.

  • users in AD provisioning

  • After creating user in miniOrange it will automatically create the same user in Active Directory.

  • add user in AD Provisioning

    view user details after AD Provisioning

Steps to setup Group Provisioning (Sync) with Active Directory (AD)

You can also set up Group Provisioning (Sync) with miniOrange to enable syncing of Active Directory (AD) groups in miniOrange. This will also help you maintain the same user hierarchy and access control in miniOrange as in your Active Directory. You can sync users with their corresponding group names between Active Directory and miniOrange. The user groups will be automatically provisioned and deprovisioned in miniOrange when they are created or modified in AD and vice versa. The groups will be created on the fly if they are not present in miniOrange. You can follow the below instructions to setup AD Group Sync:

  • Go to miniOrange Dashboard >> Userstore and edit the Active Directory configuration which you have set up earlier.
  • Enter the name of AD group attribute in Group Attribute textbox. If you are using default settings in AD leave it to memberof. Now, Save the settings
  • Now click Test Attribute Mapping and enter the name of user in the popup.
  • You can see all the attributes from AD alongwith the group attribute.
  • Now go to Users >> User Sync/Provisioning and select Active Directory from the list. Enable Group Sync and Save.
The Active Directory Group Provisioning (Sync) setup is done. Now, whenever a user is created or modified and if the group sync is enabled, the user group attribute will be automatically synced and the user group will be assigned or changed accordingly in miniOrange.
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